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Teske - Riemer - Teske


Fischstraße 16 Greifswald  Foto: Ⓒ Moritz Cordes
Fischstraße 16 Greifswald Foto: Ⓒ Moritz Cordes

Teske - Riemer - Teske

Lawyers in the Federal Republic of Germany

Company of civil law

Steuer-Nr: 084/166/10607

Fischstraße 16
D-17489 Greifswald

fon: +49 3834 56660
fax: +49 3834 566622

You can reach our office easily by bus, by car and within walking distance from the town centre.

Fischstraße is located directly in the town centre. Right behind the town hall you will find the Fischmarkt which gives way towards the Fischstraße in northern direction. From here it is only a few metres to reach house number 16 on the left hand side of the street.

Local busses will take you either to  the stop "Marienkirche"  from which you walk Friedrich-Löffler-Straße westwards until you can turn left into Fischstraße, or they can take you to "Platz der Freiheit" as well as "Bahnhofsstraße". From here it will be a short walk to the town hall and the Fischmarkt/ Fischstraße located right behind it.

By car you go through Friedrich-Löffler-Straße and turn into Fischstraße. You can leave your car in one of the nearby car parks like Dompassage, Am Markt or Hansering.

Our office's coordinates are given as: +54° 5' 51.49" und  +13° 22' 46.86".

It is a ten minute walk from the town's train station to to the town hall along high street until you will discover the backside of town hall and find yourself on Fischmarkt bordering Fischstraße in northern direction.